Artist Sian hopes to join the herd

Date published: 27 March 2023

Sian Ellis gets creative!

Former Brian House fundraiser Sian Ellis already has her creative thinking cap on and can’t wait to send her artist submission for Elmer’s Big Parade Blackpool.

Sian, who now lives in Manchester, has been involved in several Wild In Art trails before, having been selected to create 17 sculptures for trails across the country. Last year, the sale of her sculptures reached £100,000.

She said: “Being a sculpture artist is just so much fun. From an artist’s perspective, it’s amazing to see how everyone gets the exact same sculpture yet create something that looks so different; the sculptures take on completely different styles and personalities. It’s so impressive to see that level of creativity at work.

“Plus it’s a great chance to meet other artists and to visit other cities and be part of the celebration of their local community. It’s wonderful to see my work on display and see that great reaction from people.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before, and it’s totally addictive. It’s so much fun and, as an artist, you just find yourself looking for the next one. And, being a sculpture artist has led to more interest in my work and new commissions.”

Sian promises her submission for Blackpool’s first ever art trail will be totally unique for her hometown.

“I think my style is quite similar across the sculptures but I never create anything that looks too much like something I’ve done before,” she said.

“Some people travel to visit all the trails across the country so you don’t want them seeing the same thing at each of them. And when you think about the auction at the end, people want to spend their money on something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I like to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“My goal is always to make sure my art makes people smile, and that I bring a bit of happiness and sunshine to whatever I paint.”

Sian said she was delighted that her artwork had raised so much for charity.

She added: “To think my work has raised £100,00 makes me feel absolutely ecstatic. With my background in fundraising, I know how hard it is to raise money, especially at a time when people are struggling. Seeing people digging deep to buy something I have created in aid of local charity is just amazing.
“Every artist who paints a sculpture for an art trail puts so much love into their work, from coming up with the idea to putting it on paper, to painting it before the trail; it’s a long journey to the auction room but it’s just incredible.”

Call for Artists

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