Sinharaja is an amalgamation of two important initiatives in our school: The KS1 Creative Corner and the ‘What a Wonderful World’ Courageous Advocacy Project. Since September, our infant children have enjoyed an immersive rainforest themed curriculum in our new Creative Corner. In lessons, they have learnt about life in the rainforest as well as the effects of deforestation on the lives of plants and animals. Our Ethos Group have been raising money and awareness of the environmental impact humanity has had on God’s wonderful world. Their work so far has included bulb and tree planting, recycling Christmas cards into gift tags and repurposing decorations that otherwise would have gone to landfill. Sinharaja helps us to remember that it is our responsibility to look after the world, not to destroy it. He is named after the Sinharaja Rainforest in Sri Lanka that is home to herds of wild elephants. It is our hope that through effective teaching and advocacy, our children will ensure elephants and the rainforest remain in Sri Lanka as God intended. Our Concept is Creation/Deforestation: half of Sinharaja is beautiful and lush with rainforest leaves, flowers, animals etc. The other half is a deforested wasteland with small shoots visible amongst the tree stumps. The shoots signify the hope we have in projects like this one that raise awarness of the need to regreen the earth.

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